"Through the children of Liberia, Ricks Institute is building a nation's future."

--Dr. Richard F. Wilson, professor of Theology and Chair of Christianity, Mercer University, Macon GA

Ricks Institute is a Christian community of learning and faith located in Liberia, Africa. The school is the only private school in Liberia offering free primary education for grades K-12. As a community and nationally recognized school in Liberia, 40% of its 607 students are residential students. Additionally, it operates a free Accelerated Learning Program in the afternoon with 125 (over aged) students.

Dr. Olu Q. Menjay, Sr. is the Principal and Chief Administrative Officer of Ricks Institute. Dr. Menjay is a native of Liberia, where he received his early education. Fleeing for his life from the Liberian civil war with the help of Baptist missionaries, he moved to the U.S. and earned multiple degrees at various universities in the U.S. including: Truett-McConnell College, Mercer University, Duke University, and Boston University. His post-graduate research and education culminated in earning the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from the University of Wales, United Kingdom.

Dr. Menjay, a son of a Liberian Baptist preacher, is a licensed and ordained minister of the gospel. His love of learning and his desire to serve God returned him to his homeland in February 2005 to Ricks Institute.

The campus facilities served as battle ground during the Liberian civil war, and were severely looted and vandalized as a result of one of the bloodiest carnages of internal conflict in recent African history. Through the leadership of Dr. Menjay, Ricks Institute has begun its resurrection from the ashes of destruction and bloodshed to provide quality education for Liberian children again. He has repaired and reopened both girls and boys dormitories and classrooms although there is much work remaining.

Ricks Institute's goal is to achieve distinction for offering a balanced and integrated education of the head, heart and the hands by providing its students with a firm foundation for life and the inspiration to serve others.

To find out more about this ministry, click here: http://www.ricksonline.org.