Steven and Amy Nicholson's South Africa Ministries

Since 2005 Steven and Amy Nicholson have lived and served as missionaries in Cape Town, South Africa as part of ServLife International, an organization that creates mission communities among the most oppressed regions of the world to train leaders, rescue and care for children at risk, and end hunger though micro-enterprise initiatives. Steven and Amy are involved with after school programs in squatter camps and are helping to coordinate ministry to Sudanese pastors, widows, and orphans. They are building partnerships with rural South Africa churches, Zimbabwean churches caring for HIV/AIDS orphans, and among African Church leaders from Nigeria, Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and other marginalized regions of the continent. One of many immediate needs is to build a facility in Zimbabwe that will support and house children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in that country.

Steven and Amy Nicholson both began following Christ from a young age and have served as missionaries all of their adult lives. They helped start Emmaus Way, a new church in Durham, NC where Steven pastored the church and Amy taught in urban schools.

Steven was raised in central Florida, and Amy grew up near Atlanta, Georgia. Both are University of Florida graduates and Stephen is a graduate of the New Orleans Baptist Seminary.

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