Turlac Mission

Oleg Turlac is a U.S. ordained Baptist minister born and raised in Moldova. In 2004 he returned to Moldova with wife Natasha to start their Christian ministries. Their mission is to aid victims of persecution and human trafficking in former republics of the Soviet Union torn apart by ethnic conflicts and civil war, providing them resources needed to live a quality life of faith and witness to Jesus Christ.

Their numerous ministries include:

  • Anti-trafficking of Women
  • Moldova is among the top four countries exporting women for prostitution and slave trade. The ministry works to prevent Moldavian teenage girls from becoming victims through information, education and Christian fellowship and to rescue those trapped as sex slaves.

  • Missionaries and Persecuted Churches
  • Turlac Mission is committed to promoting awareness about persecution of Christians in the former USSR and raises and channels financial support to Christian missionaries serving under extremely difficult circumstances in those areas.

  • Refugee Aid
  • Turlac Mission offers humanitarian aid to refugees of war and ethnic conflicts through counselling and providing basic aid (food, clothes, medicine, etc.).

  • Children with Disabilities
  • "Roman's Touch" is a ministry to children with disabilities in the former Soviet Union. This ministry grew out of the Turlac’s own experience of raising their son Roman who has autism. They offer counseling, research, computers for educational programs and financial aid.

  • Orphans and Homeless Children
  • Economic crisis and worker migration left thousands of children in former USSR homeless or in orphanages. Turlac Mission supports soup kitchens and cares for orphans in Moldova and beyond by providing food, clothing and school supplies. It takes only $10 per week to feed one child.

    Oleg and Natasha reside in Canada with their son Roman and daughter Victoria Isabelle.